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How to Get Over Someone You Obsess Over?

Love is a never ending the struggle. Love penetrates all the emotions but when it gets destroyed then negative emotions creeps in such as anxiety, anger or fear, which leads to obsession. When you love someone you give your best in your relationship. Still, your relationship is not going well due to some reasons. Maybe your partner has dumped you or you both had frequent fights on small things. It is very natural when a relationship ends at some point. You think about what you did wrong, how you can do things better or you miss your partner terribly. When this stage continues too long, it becomes an obsession which is not healthy. Here are some tips to get over someone you obsess over.

How to Get Over Someone You Obsess Over

Best Ways to Get Over Someone You Obsess Over:

1.) Change Your Thoughts

Maybe you had great times together or you find that person so great. Due to these reasons you are still holding your relationship. Consider also why you are ignoring that person. If you want to get over someone then there are some reasons why you don’t want to keep thinking about that person. Figure out those reasons.

  • If that person treated you badly then tell yourself that you deserve something better and increase your self-esteem.
  • If that person has another girlfriend or boyfriend then remember people with girlfriends or boyfriend are just off limits.
  • If the best friends, parents, distance, age etc. make the relationship not practical then stop trying to fight life and focus on things that you can control.

2.) Remove All the Mementos of That Person

Removing all the memories or mementos of that person is such a nice way to get over someone you obsess over. Go to your room and remove all the pictures, letters and references to the person you are trying to stop obsessing over. But don’t destroy memories or objects associated with that person. Later on, these memories will be fun to think about.

3.) Avoid Contact with Him or Her

If you want to get over someone you obsess over then you need to avoid contact with him or her. That means no emailing, no calling or no texting. You need to maintain distance in between the two of you to heal your pain. Try to limit your interactions with that person you want to get over. If he or she calls you or texts you then don’t reply. Also, don’t stalk him or her on social media accounts.

4.) Pick Up a New Hobby to Get Over Someone You Obsess Over

Getting a new hobby will help you to make you happy and busy or explore something new. Consider surfing, hiking, marine biology, writing, modeling, biking, racing, horseback riding, ceramics, photography, fashion, skating, crafting, rafting etc. Choose any of these activities that will keep you active. Volunteering is very important because it shows you how much you have. It forces you to realize about your small problems.

5.) Go Out With Your Friends to Get Over Someone You Obsess Over

Your friends are best to help you. Tell them about your feelings. They will give you advice and a shoulder to rest on. Hang out with your friends and be happy with him. Don’t sit locked in your room. Do avoid people who want to be around you. If you get your frustration out into the open then it will help you to better understand and resolve them. Moving out with your friends will help you to get over someone you love.

6.) Show Them That You Don’t Care

Showing them that you are happy without them is the good way to get over someone you obsess over. Do everything to show them that you don’t care anymore. This can be achieved by being normal. Don’t try to impress them. Do the things that you want to do such as wear clothes that you like, do sports you love and listen to music you like etc.

7.) Plan a Trip to Get Over Someone You Obsess Over

Many people take the time to overcome their problems after a breakup. Plan a trip to India or South America. You can find a place that is special in your heart.

  • Go to a place where you never been before. Travelling is a great way to stop obsessing over someone. You don’t need to go far away.
  • Talk with locals and have fun. When you travel, focus on the new things. The new you is excited about learning and experiencing new things. This will help you to forget a person.

8.) Don’t Go to the Same Place as the Person Goes to

Avoiding the person is the best way to tell your mind that there are many people in the world who are demanding your attention.

  • Maybe you are in school with that person or you are involved in any activity. Ignore the person as much as possible.
  • Don’t put yourself in situations where you can bump into one another.
  • If you are in the same room then just smile, make small talk if necessary and make an excuse to leave the room.
  • Don’t look at that person because it is hard to control your thoughts.

9.) Love Yourself First to Get Over Someone You Obsess Over

No matter what others may think or feel about you, you need to realize that you are worth of being loved. Prepare a list of things you love about yourself like your passion, your witty comments or your smile. Try to nurture the part of yourself you love the most.

  • Take your time to do the things you enjoy.
  • Don’t blame yourself and others. Try to understand the things and move on.

10.) Meet New People to Get Over Someone You Obsess Over

Meeting new people may seem difficult but it can have a huge impact on how you recover. If you meet new people will allow yourself to see that there are others who will appreciate and love you.

  • New friends work like new interests. New friends will help you to relieve the pressure of romantic tension and will help you to avoid the pain.
  • Take your time to move into a new relationship.

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