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How to Get Your Best Friend Back?

If you are fortunate to have a good friend, one who is encouraging and supporting, protects you and makes you laugh, one who listens and understands, do your best to protect your special connection with your best friend. Losing a best friend is just as heartbreaking as losing a boyfriend. Whether he or she hurts you or you hurt them but a friend breakup sucks and can make you feel lonely and pretty miserable, especially when you lose your best friend. Maybe it was a misunderstanding or any other reason that caused a rift between the two of you. Your best friend is going through a painful situation that caused them to push you away. Whatever the reason behind your separation is, you miss your friend and want to rekindle the connection you once had. Here are some tips that will help you to get your best friend back.

How to Get Your Best Friend Back

Best Ways to Get Your Best Friend Back:

(A) Get Your Best Friend Back After a Fight

1.) Avoid Rumors

It is very common that other friends take sides and start gossiping when friends fight. This can make things worse. If someone starts to scornfully express their low opinion about your friend then ask them to stop and say that you are not interested. Do not clandestinely talk or bad-mouth about your best friend, to someone else. If you say anything behind your friend’s back then you can make it even worst. When your best friend will get to know about it then it would be hard for them to trust you again and your relationship may suffer a great loss.

2.) Apologize 

If you did something wrong which is not acceptable by your best friend, then simply apologize. Be specific and discuss the things in detail. If you think it was your fault then take the initiative to say sorry, if you want to continue the friendship for longer. Apologizing for your mistakes is a good way to get your best friend back.

  • You should be sorry for whatever you did and don’t worry about how they will respond to it.
  • Even if you did not initiate the fight, still feel sorry for whatever happened between the two of you.
  • If your friend is at fault then don’t point fingers.
  • Try to get back on speaking terms.
  • Only give valid reasons.
  • Don’t give lame excuses and try to come out clean, in spite of being guilty.
  • Apologize only for whatever you did but don’t take responsibility for anything you did not do. Don’t mention the things they did. Let your friend think about everything and it will be up to them to apologize back to you.
  • If your friend will not talk to you then write an email or send a text.

3.) Explain Your Feelings

The best way to confront your best friend is to tell them how the breakup has affected your life. Explain the entire situation using words like “I” and “We,” never use “You.” Do not play the blame game and point your friend for every single mistake they have committed. If you do so, it shows that you are simply justifying yourself, trying to come out clean. Make your best friend realize their importance in your life and how much you miss them.

  • Don’t say things like, “You hurt my feelings. I don’t think you take the friendship seriously anymore. You attacked me and didn’t even allow me to defend myself.”
  • Say things like, “My feelings were hurt by our fight. I tried to explain the things but didn’t get a chance to defend myself. Our friendship means a lot to me and I want us to work things out”.

4.) Give Space to Your Friend

Allowing some personal space to your friend is very much important, in order to get your best friend back after a fight. Without proper space, every relationship will suffocate. You need to give your friend proper space to make them stay with your forever. If you have done everything you can and your friend is still mad then they just need time to cool down. Constant texts and mails are not going to help in any manner, this will only irritate your friend. However, it is hard to miss somebody who is always around you. So it is important to give some space to your friend so that your friend can think about the importance of your friendship. In a few weeks or months, your friend may come back to you.

5.) Don’t Ignore Your Friend in Pain

Once you have done everything and still your friend is angry, what is the reason behind this? If your friend is an introvert, then maybe you didn’t give them a chance to speak their mind out. In this case, ask your friend about your mistakes, so that you can fix them. Don’t wait for things to blow over as they will never heal this way. It is also important to listen to your friend’s angle of the whole scenario and don’t interrupt them while they ate talking. After resolving the fight, don’t keep punishing your friend or rake up old wounds. Make plans and spend a quality time with each other. Go for a movie or hangout with other friends.

(B) Maintain the Friendship After a New Person is Involved

1.) Keep Acting Like You are Friends

Be friendly, polite and talk to each other very often. Don’t bring up the issues which causes unnecessary drama. Also, do not behave like you have a problem with that particular person. Do all the things which you used to do in the past. This is a good way to get your best friend back. If you will cut off all your connection then it would be hard for you to get your friend back again.

2.) Don’t be Clingy to Win Your Best Friend Back

Friendship is just like an elastic band. If you stretch it then it will come back to you. If you behave like your friend is not allowed to have other people in their life, then they will push harder to get away from you. So don’t be insecure, if someone has entered in their life. What is yours will always be with you, no matter what the situation is. Getting insecure won’t get you anything other than making you appear childish and lame. If your friend really values you then it does not matter what may happen but you both will always be together.

3.) Talk to the New Person

Maybe you are reacting badly to your friend just because you are jealous. Try to be cool and think with an open mind. Try to get to know the new person by inviting both of them to any party or any other place where they like to hang out. If it is a new girlfriend or boyfriend then be excited for your friend’s happiness and let your friend feel like they can trust you. Spend time with them, enjoy together and maintain your friendship. Try to get along with their new friends, you cannot keep anyone restricted while they are in a relationship with you. You need to allow your friend with some personal space, in order to let them make their own choices in life. If you try to captivate them, you might even end up ruining your relationship.

4.) Let it Blow Over on Its Own

New relationships come and go well. Keep in mind, if you and your friend have been together for a long time and if any change comes then it is temporary, especially if it is your friend’s girlfriend or boyfriend that you are dealing with. You are the only person with whom your friend can share their grievances with. Try to have fun and nurture new relationships in the meantime. When things are sorted hopefully, your friend will recall the golden days of your friendship and you will become friends, all over again.

5.) Pay Equal Attention 

Do not let your friend feel neglected, once you get involved with someone else. Try and pay equal attention to both of them, as required. While trying to develop a new relationship, do not let the old ones lose their importance. Because, even if the newly developed relationships couldn’t survive for a long run, the older ones will never lose their charm. They will always stand by your side, in order to support and comfort you, when in pain.

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