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How to Keep Your Man Happy?

Keeping your man happy is very simple as compared to keeping a woman happy. Men do not desire much they just want a few simple things to stay happy. Every man is different thus their desires also differs which makes them happy. To keep a man happy first thing you need to do it to show him that you love him. Have you ever given a thought that why men cheat? It is because they are not happy with the current partner. If your man will be happy with you, he will never thin of cheating you for anyone cheating you. It should be your priority to keep your partner happy as it is the base of the relationship. If you truly love your husband it will be easier for you to keep your man happy. We have brought an array of small secrets to be done which can help you to keep your man happy and away from straying.

How to Keep your Man Happy

Steps to Do to Keep Your Man Happy

1.) Make Him Feel Loved

This is the foremost step to keep your man happy. If he will feel loved then he will always be happy. There is a small kid hidden in every man who wants pamper and love. If you want your man to be happy you will not only have to love him intentionally but also will have to show him your love. There are ways by which you can show your man that you truly love them which is given in the link. To love him give him proper attention and love. Do not show your love to him occasionally make it regular. Do not exaggerate or fake it as well. He will get to know when you will exaggerate thus, show him, true love, only. To make him feel loved also tell him ‘I Love You’ in between.

2.) Trust Him to Keep Your Man Happy

Trust is the greatest factor in a true love. When you trust someone it means you love them somehow. To show your man that you love him show him that you trust him. And stand with him in all of his decisions. When he will see that you trust him he will feel loved. No matter how much you love a person if you do not trust him then it can not hold the relationship unbroken for a longer period of time. Most of the man desired to be trusted by his partner. If your man is loyal to you then he also would definitely feel the need to be trusted. Trusting someone is the great thing which gives them pleasure and makes them happy.

3.) Support Him to Him Happy

Behind every successful man, there is a woman who has supported him throughout the whole ups and down. This is one of the best way to make your man happy, When you will support him he will feel himself lucky and his mood will cheer up instantly. A good woman never leaves the support of her man unless he is wrong. Even when he is at wrong try to make him understand that fact leaving him would be a bad option. There might be many gloomy days when he would feel alone and helpless be the light and support for him in those days. He will definitely love you more for this.

4.) Be Romantic to Keep Your Man Happy

Men like is when women take the initiative. Yes, show him your different shade to make him feel happy. Be romantic for him, plan few romantic dates and candle light dinner when he arrives. Ask his hand for a dance and he will be rejoiced. These all setup will keep your love young and new and will also refresh his mood making him happy.

5.) Give Him Space

Men want space in their life now or then. They need to hang out with their friends or spend their time watching football. Do not interrupt or disturb him when he is having his own time with his friends. Giving space does not mean that you leave him without keeping any update of him. Know where he is going and when he will be back but do not call him in between just to disturb him. Let him have his fun time with his friends.

6.) Appreciate Your Man

Men like to be appreciated by the one they love. It does not matter to them if they do not get appreciation by the whole world but they feel offended when his partner also does not appreciate him. Appreciate for their little efforts and they will like it. Tell your man that you are lucky to have him a and thank him for his those little and big efforts which he does for you. Appreciation given now and then will keep your man happy and motivated.

7.) Cook For Him

If your man is a foodie then he would love it when you will cook for him. Know about his likes and dislikes in food and cook his favorite dish or cuisine to keep your man happy. Men love eating and the best way to make them happy is to satisfy his stomach. If you are a good cook then he is at an advantage but if not then try to learn cooking and surprise him. He will feel overwhelmed by this act of yours and definitely will feel happy and loved.

8.) Know Him More

When you try to know your man he will feel like he is an important part of you and he is happy to be with you. Try to know his likes and dislikes what makes him happy and what makes him sad or mad. Knowing your man would help you to get closer to him. Do not fight with him on petty issues and do not bring up his ex again. It will make him sad and he will start feeling bad in staying with you. Be an understanding partner when you want to keep your man happy. Know about his basic rules and principles regarding life it will help you to know what kind of man he is and will help you to make him happy.

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