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How to Make Your Husband Happy?

Keeping a marriage life exciting and fresh can be challenging in your stressful life. Many women complain that men are not faithful and they are not happy with them. When your husband is not happy with you that means you are not giving attention to him or you are not emotionally or sexually supporting him. Sometimes men cheat because they look for more excitement. If you show your husband that he is the only one in your life and you take care of him then there is no chance he will leave you or he doesn’t be happy with you. A wife should try different approaches to make her husband happy and to live a spontaneous life that gratifies you and your husband both sexually and emotionally. So here are some brilliant ways to make your husband happy.

How to make your husband happy

Best Ways to Make Your Husband Happy:

1.) Be Romantic and Make Sex a Priority

Romance is the best way to make your husband happy. Save your time for romantic activities such as beach walks at sunset, cuddling up to watch a movie and candle light dinner. The sexual aspect is the main aspect where the excitement easily fades. You both have to work hard to keep your sex life exciting and interesting.

Here are some things that you can do:

  • Don’t follow a boring routine. Sex can become another exciting activity when you get in bed. Take the time to love each other throughout the day. Don’t schedule your sex.
  • Take care of your hubby’s needs and wants. Know what your hubby’s desire and what he wants to try in the bedroom. Asking him what he likes and wants is the big sign to turn on your husband.

2.) Set a Date Night for Your Husband

Both of you are very busy and it is quite difficult to spend time with each other. Going to dinner and a movie never gets old. You can also prepare dinner together. A romantic picnic like going on a beach is a great way to spend time together.

  • There is nothing better that a text or voice message from your loved one. Send him messages like “I love you” or “I am waiting for you”. You can also update your status on social media sites that have a special meaning to your relationship.

3.) Wear a Sexy Outfit to Make Your Husband Happy

Wearing a sexy outfit can turn him on. There is nothing wrong to wear a sexy outfit in front of your hubby. Wear a sexy dress or a plain outfit with a sexy blouse. Put on a pair of stilettos to make longer legs. Every man loves long, sexy or hot legs. A pair of heels is an easy way to make your outfit look sexier. Get some new and sexy lingerie. Lingerie is a sexy way to add spice in your bedroom life and make your husband see you in a new light.

4.) Be Confident and Do Exercise

Being attractive is not all about looking sexy, it is also about your confidence and compassionate attitude as well. Always smile and keep your husband happy. Be confident and considerate of his feelings.

  • The workout is the great way to get a sexy body. Exercise will keep you slim and attractive. If you look sexy then your husband will fall in love with you again.
  • When you do work out, your body releases neurotransmitters and endorphins that reduce stress and induce happiness.
  • Maintain an exercise routine helps to increase sexual desire.
  • Do stress reducing exercises like running or yoga.

5.) Be Spontaneous

  • Going to concerts creates memorable experiences and unique feelings. Get tickets of one of his favorite bands live and go to a concert together.
  • Taking a road trip with your hubby is also the great way to make him happy. Play his favorite music for the road trip that represents your relationship.
  • Watch his favorite movie with him and have some popcorn to enjoy the night.
  • A rusting outing will be extremely romantic. Spend some time under the stars with your husband.
  • Leave some little love notes around the house where your husband can see them. Write something romantic on that notes and you can also put them in his pocket.

6.) Give Him Gifts

  • Framing a picture of you and your hubby is the best way to show him how much you care for him. You can also make a collage of your latest vacation to remind him of all the good times.
  • Getting some creative ideas is the brilliant way to show your hubby how much you love him. Some ideas include intimate activities, massages or a trip to his favorite restaurant.
  • Food is the way to nourish his soul. So prepare his favorite meal or dessert to make your husband happy.
  • Give something natural which is special to you. It can be a rock in the heart shape or shell from the beach or it can be a tree branch.

7.) Clean Your Home

  • Keep the things clean in your home and make your house a home. Cleaning the things doesn’t mean that you have to clean all the time. Don’t throw your clothes and makeup everywhere.
  • When your husband comes home, greet him with a smooch or kiss and a smile.
  • Prepare the meal together so that you two can enjoy together.
  • On the weekend, make DIY together to improve your home.
  • Once you have cleaned your house, invite his parents over dinner or brunch. If you do this, then he will appreciate you to make an effort in reaching out to his family.
  • Don’t live like roommates. Make sure you continue to be affectionate in your house by touching, kissing and cuddling throughout the day.

8.) Maintain Your Individuality to Make Your Husband Happy

  • In order to keep your husband happy it is important to keep yourself happy. Give some time to yourself to make your life happy.
  • It is very important for both of you to spend time with your friends. Friends are very important part of every person’s life and spending time with them helps to balance your life.
  • Don’t lose your interests. It is great if you and your hubby share the same interests. But it is also important to retain your own hobbies.
  • Communication is the key to every relationship. Being honest with each other will make your life happy.

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