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How to See If He is the One?

When you are crazy about someone or you fall in love with someone, it can often hard to know if he or she is right for you. He may do something awkward but at least he opens the door for you. When it comes to the relationship, you do the some good or crazy things. When you are dating a guy you think he must be Mr. Right. How do you know if he is really the one you are destined to spend the rest of your life with? It is such a difficult decision to spend the rest of your life with a guy. Read this article, you will get to know some tips to see if he is the one.

Love is such a tricky thing and beautiful as well. When you are in a relationship with a guy, a lot of things come in your mind. Like, he is in love with you or not and he is the perfect guy or not. Some girls are not able to recognize the real thing. What makes a girl choose you? What makes her say that he is the one and want to commit you? You probably are not the only guy she finds attractive and real. She may find someone else more attractive. In spite of all that, she thinks you are the only one.

Best Ways to See if He is the One:

How to See If He is the One

(A) He Makes You Feel Wonderful

1.) Notice if You Feel Like Amazing Around Him

He should make you feel like a superwoman. When you are with him, you should feel like you can do anything or you can be anybody. You should not be afraid of the challenges in your life because he makes you feel confident that you are strong enough to handle any situation. When you are with him, you should feel like that you can take the lead and win.

2.) Notice If You Feel Comfortable Being Yourself in Front of Him

Being silly in front of your family or close friends is common but let him also see that you are vulnerable whether it is without makeup while you cry, after a sweaty workout or when you are afraid.

3.) Don’t Feel Ashamed Around Him

If you feel that you should hide things about yourself or your life then maybe he is not the one. He should love you no matter how you are and your life. If you worry that he would judge you then maybe he is not the perfect guy.

4.) Notice How Often You Think About Future Plans

If you both think about your future plans like you think about fantasize about the apartment, pets, house or even children that you may have one day together then he is the one. Notice if you think about cozying up on holidays or distant birthdays.

(B) Notice How He Treats You

1.) Notice When He Says “I Love You”

It is good if he says “I love you too” after you say it but it is also important that you are not the only person saying the initial I love you. He should also say it sometimes. This shows that how much he cares about you. If he doesn’t say first then don’t get worried. Some guys are shy about sharing their feelings. Ask him why he doesn’t say it first and tell him that you like to hear it. Now, he will feel more comfortable saying it to you.

2.) Notice If He Pressure You to Become Intimate Before You are Ready

If he forces you to become physical or intimate and you are not ready then he is not the real guy for you. This is the best way to see if he is the one. If he wants to enjoy your body and your heart is willing then go for it.

3.) Notice If He is Controlling You

If he frequently tells you about everything like what to do, he tries to run your life or manipulate your emotions to get what he wants then he is not the right guy for you. This guy is insecure and wants to lead you in your relationship. The right guy is the one who will be secure with you and let you be who you are.

4.) Notice If Keep Your From His Social Plans

If he doesn’t want to include you in his social plans and avoid telling you what he did last night then obviously he is not willing to include you in his life. By noticing him whether he keeps you from his pals or not is the best way to see if he is the one.

5.) Notice If He Gives Hint to Your Future

Pay attention to whether or not he alludes to your future. If both of you are not in the stages of a relationship where you openly discuss future then notice him if he drops any hints.

(C) Notice How You Work Together to See If He is the One

1.) Notice How You Change Each Other

We often change each other. But sometimes we change each other for the better and sometimes we change each other for the worse. If you find either of you is becoming jealous, distrusting, possessive, lazy or stressed out then probably they are not the one for you and you won’t like the person. So it is important to change each other if you want to stay with each other.

2.) Notice How Comfortable You are in Each Other’s Space

Living together is the true test of compatibility. If you live together then you can notice many things to see if he is the one. Like sharing dishes, trip over dirty laundry and watch each other shave. This is the best way to see how you compromise on individual and share responsibilities. Having your own separate interests will provide you more interesting relationship and help you both to maintain independent identities and healthy relationship. If your relationship is on the right track then you will feel comfortable and secure when you are apart.

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