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How to Talk to Your Crush?

Almost everyone has had a crush on someone in their life. Having a crush on someone can be both exciting and stressful. You have a crush on someone and you want to talk to him or her. You may be nervous but with a little planning and a little practice, you can do it fine. Talking to your crush feels like this is the most difficult thing on the earth. The thought of conversing with your crush can make you feel like you have butterflies in your stomach. Read this article, you will get to know about some useful tips to talk to your crush.

How to Talk to Your Crush

Best Tips to Talk to Your Crush:

1.) Be Confident

Being confident is the way to approach your crush. Your first impression is the most important thing. So keep you head up and confront him or her. Stage fright and shyness are not good excuses. Think about yourself and if your crush likes you the way you are then they will accept you. Having confidence is the way to get your crush’s attention. Be proud of who you are and your confidence will show through your actions and words. Walk straight and stand up straight. Good posture shows that you are confident.

2.) Make Eye Contact

Your eyes reveal a lot about one’s likes, dislikes, and thoughts. Take your time to observe your crush. Before start talking to your crush, notice if your crush looks in your direction from time to time whether he or she seems interested. When you talk to your crush, look into his or her eyes. If your crush’s face brightens up when he or she sees you and they don’t lower their gaze but holds their look then this is the time for you to make the first move.

3.) Ask For Help

Asking for help is the easiest way to start a conversation with your crush. If you notice your crush is standing nearby then ask them a question, “Hi, did you notice a book lying on the table?” or you can ask any other question. If your crush answers your question then continue to look around for a few seconds and then walk away like you are busy and flustered. Don’t start a conversation here, do it next time.

4.) Get to Know Each Other

Getting to know each other is the way to start your conversation with your crush. Take your time to notice everything about your crush like what they eat at lunch, what pictures they have in their notebook or which sports they like to play. Try to know these small but important details that will help you to make conversation later on. Like you can say that “I have noticed those movies in your notebook. Do you a favorite?”

5.) Approach Your Crush When He or She is Alone

The first time you interact with your crush on a personal level should be in a casual situation without too many people around you. Party or the dance floor is not the great place to have a lengthy conversation.

  • Go out with your crush during lunch time in the cafeteria. Ask him or her if you can sit next to them and start conversing with your crush.
  • If you have a mutual friend then try to interact with him or her through your mutual friend.

6.) Introduce Yourself

If you have already formally introduced yourself then say simply “Hi” or “Hello.” When you say hello, look your crush directly into the eyes. Ask about things to your crush. Because asking things can lead to in-depth discussions so that you both can participate in when talking to a crush.

  • Ask your crush about their background. Like what your crush do, where are they from, what do their parents do etc.

7.) Pay Attention to Your Body Language

Body language is the good way to communicate with your crush. Sometimes your body language says things that you can’t help. When you talk to your crush, notice your body language.

  • Making eye contact says that you are interested in what your crush is saying.
  • Face your body towards your crush. It means you are interested in what your crush is saying.
  • Keep smiling because smiling says that the other person makes you happy.
  • You can flirt with your body language if you want to. If you are a girl then you can twirl your hair, touch their shoulder or bat your eyelashes.
  • Laugh at your crush’s jokes. If the jokes are not that funny then you can smile to humor your crush.

8.) Compliment Your Crush

If you want to talk to your crush and want to make move, then compliment him or her. Everyone likes compliments. You can give a small and innocent compliment that could be a perfect way to start talking. If he wears a nice shirt then you can say something like, “I like your shirt.” If your crush said something smart in class then you can say like, “I totally agreed with you.” This will pique your crush interest.

9.) Avoid Boring Talk

Try to keep your conversation funny. Add a good sense of humor in your conversation and make it interesting. Show your crush that you have pleasant and rocking personality. When you talk to your crush, don’t talk something serious.

  • Talk about your family and in this way, your conversation will never end. This type of topic is a great way to get to know more about each other.
  • Talk about your friends because your friends are important as your family. Memories with good friends will keep the discussion flowing smoothly.
  • Talk about your favorites. Everyone has something favorite in every category. Ask them about their favorites.

10.) Handle Rejection Calmly

It can be possible that your crush doesn’t feel the same way about you. If you notice this thing then you both can still talk but you have to accept that there would be no romantic relationship between two of you. So, if your crush doesn’t like then don’t feel bad. Just accept his or her decision and move on. When you determine that your crush doesn’t like you back, stop liking your crush.

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