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How to Break up?

How to Break up

Thinking of break up? You may want to break up with someone. Things have gone sour between you and your partner or you may be in a situation when you can’t be with your partner. Realizing the fact that you …

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How to Hug a Guy?

How to Hug a Guy

A hug is the loveliest feeling one can ever have with doing nothing. Hugging also tends to remove pressure and make a person feel good. The way you love it when your hugs you same way he will love it …

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How to Make Out With a Girl?

How to Make Out With a Girl

As soon as you love a girl, the thought of making out comes into your head. Making out with a girl is an art that comes with experience. For making out session, it is important to set the mood. Making …

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How to See If He is the One?

How to See If He is the One

When you are crazy about someone or you fall in love with someone, it can often hard to know if he or she is right for you. He may do something awkward but at least he opens the door for …

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How to Keep Your Man Happy?

How to Keep your Man Happy

Keeping your man happy is very simple as compared to keeping a woman happy. Men do not desire much they just want a few simple things to stay happy. Every man is different thus their desires also differs which makes them …

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